Cara Crossley was born and raised in South Texas. Needless to say, she’s easily influenced by brilliant sunsets, the open road and wild Texas tumbleweed. That loose, untamed, easygoing attitude comes to the forefront in all of her designs. They’re big, beautiful and striking on film. It’s no wonder, either, with a degree in photography Cara understands how life looks through the lens. She knows how to create florals with depth and character that won’t upstage an event but add to it in every way.

Cara’s eye for design has taken her a lot of places. After working as a visual designer for Urban Outfitters, she then worked as the GM of Stag Provisions for Men. From Austin, Cara headed west. Way west. She landed in Marfa and managed El Cosmico until she realized that floral design and the open road were again calling.

Since then she’s freelanced with companies such as Bows and Arrows and Holly Flora and helped create some of the most spectacular weddings under the Texas sun and beyond.